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Saptà oil

Saptà oil

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Saptà is a very high quality olive oil, obtained from hand-picked and carefully selected olives. Each bottle is produced with the utmost attention and love for the product, using only first-pressed extra virgin olive oils. Our bottle, with an elegant and refined design, was chosen to enhance the preciousness of our oil. The intense blue recalls the colors of the Mediterranean, where our olives are grown with care, while the gold evokes the preciousness of this unique product.

Saptà is an oil that is perfect not only for your kitchen, but also as a gift for friends, family, or collaborators as a sign of esteem and friendship. Its elegant bottle makes it a collector's design object, which will find its place in any environment. Furthermore, thanks to its high quality, Saptà is the ideal oil for the most demanding restaurants and chefs, who want to offer their guests a unique and valuable product.

Our oil stands out for its fragrance and intense flavour, capable of enhancing any dish. Saptà is an oil that lends itself particularly well to accompanying dishes based on fish, white meats and vegetables, but it is equally suitable for richer and tastier dishes. Its high quality makes it a versatile product, perfect for every occasion and every palate.

Choosing Saptà means choosing an olive oil of the highest quality, produced with love and attention to nature and health, which will be able to enhance the flavors of your dishes and offer a unique and precious taste experience.

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