Our oil is the result of careful and respectful care of nature. We only use organic products to care for our plants, ensuring that they grow in a healthy and natural way. This allows us to obtain a very high quality oil, characterized by an intense and authentic taste, which enhances the flavors of your dishes.

Choosing environmentally friendly plant care products is a concrete commitment to safeguarding health and biodiversity, an important action for the well-being of our planet and for future generations. Our oil is the result of this attention to nature, health and the goodness of taste.

Choosing to taste our oil means choosing to have a product on your table that expresses the beauty and harmony of nature, in all its genuineness and authenticity.

The bottle

Behind our packaging there is a careful study of the logo and colors. This set has created a product that does not go unnoticed and which gives elegance to your table.

Details that led us to be the absolute winners of Oli Gourmet at Forme dell'Olio 2023 .

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From a dream spanning 4 generations and from the passion of two young people who wanted to rediscover the land in which they grew up, SAPTA was born today, a centenary olive grove that extends over 7 lands nestled between Etna and the Simeto Valley gives life to a oil with typical organoleptic properties of our territory. Not just any oil, but an OIL OF LOVE .

Saptà oil

Buy Saptà and bring all the expression of the Mediterranean flavor to the table. A product at the base of the most loved diet in the world, directly from Sicily.