Vincent Ventura

Saptà was born as the culmination of a very long family history centered on love for tradition, the land and the typical crops of the Sicilian territory.

The history of the company unfolds over the course of an entire century, starting from 1920, and is deeply linked to the historical-economic-social events crossed by the territory and viscerally intertwined with the lives of entire generations who, following one another in their work, in the innovation and sacrifice, they have been able to pass on love and knowledge which over time acquire more and more professionalism and dedication in respect of the historical memory passed from father to son.

Daniele and Valentina Ventura

Valentina and Daniele Ventura, born and raised in the city of Biancavilla on the slopes of Etna defined as the ''Third Gate of the Sun''.

The last heirs of a family that throughout most of the twentieth century dedicated time and resources to the land that it has always cultivated, from an early age they joined their father Vincenzo in the work in the fields, from him they learned agricultural knowledge and assimilated the passion for his company that has always distinguished him and which he in turn inherited from his father, Salvatore


The Sicilian olive grove is a priceless natural heritage.
It extends among the hills of the area, offering a unique and evocative spectacle of beauty.
The olive trees, with sculptural shapes and gnarled trunks, are symbols of strength and vitality, and represent the millenary history of Sicily. In this magical place the green of the trees blends with the blue of the sky and the yellow of the sun. Here nature is still intact and uncontaminated, and the fragrances of flowers and aromatic herbs accompany us on an endless sensory journey.

The olive oil that comes from these trees is the fruit of a tradition made of passion, wisdom and skill, a precious gift from this magical place, a treasure of Mediterranean cuisine. Saptà is above all Love, that love that evokes these unforgettable sensations.